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it's in wigan

Because it’s where we’re from and it has spirit! Wiganers are genuine, authentic, hard-working and friendly.

And Wigan is a great place to service our clients across the north west because it’s bang in the middle of it. We also support clients in America, Australia, Norway, Sweden - in fact across the globe from our studios in Wigan.

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all work

These days most digital agencies seem to have pretty funky studios with a pool table, a table tennis table and of course the obligatory beer fridge.

We decided to go one step further and open our own craft beer bar right next door to our studios. The decision was the first step in what turned out to be a long story - so long in fact we made a video about it:


If Carlsberg did staff gyms...

it probably wouldn’t be this good.

The well-being of everyone at bd2 is our absolute priority because our people are our biggest asset. We’ve always accommodated flexible working arrangements but following the pandemic, like many, we’ve adopted the 'hybrid' way of working in which anyone can choose whether and when they want to work at home or come into the offices.

The knock on effect of this has meant that generally half of us are in the offices on any given day, and the knock on effect of that has created empty desk space.

So, with everyone hot-desking in the main office, we decided to remodel our design studio into a staff gym which adds to our extensive and ever-expanding benefits package as well as providing a reason to come in to work more often, or another reason to choose bd2.

We’ve created ‘Aktiviti’ which is both a fitness space for bd2 but will also be used as a personal fitness studio for PTs offering one to one private sessions. As part of the arrangement, we’ll get access to PTs for our own training programs.