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why umbraco?

Why Umbraco?


Because Umbraco is the biggest .Net Open source CMS with over 1,000,000 live websites across the world. It’s trusted by leading organisations including Carlsberg, Sony, Microsoft, the European Union and Mercedes.

Umbraco is known as ‘the friendly CMS’ and is renowned for its intuitive editing experience and flexibility. It also offers complete freedom for developers, being Open Source, and seamless integrations with other solutions.

Umbraco was built from the ground-up in Denmark in 2003 in Microsoft’s .Net framework to benefit from the optimised code and security built into that system. Because Umbraco uses clean code, pages load quickly and perform better in web searches as there’s less material for the engines to go through. It’s Open Source, which means there are no licence fees and with access to the source code we can create any custom features or bespoke functionality.

bd2 is a Certified Gold Partner and we’ve been working with Umbraco since 2008. All our developers are Umbraco Certified, and we attend various Umbraco events including Codegarden to keep abreast of all the latest Umbraco developments and to share knowledge and experiences with the Umbraco community

Why Open Source?

Open Source software is mature, accepted and becoming increasingly adopted.

Demand for faster innovation, shorter product cycles and quicker implementation of new featureshas seen a market shift away from proprietary systems towards Open Source software, even at enterprise level, as a more agile solution.

Open Source reduces the reliance on proprietary software product cycles, and their development road-maps in which the vendor dictates the speed of delivery. Open Source negates the risks of vendor lock-in, which can limit options and delay implementations, not to mention the costs and restrictions of licensing agreements.

Whilst many digital agencies offer a ‘CMS agnostic’ approach, at bd2 our strategy is focused on Umbraco and on being really good at Umbraco implementations, because we believe Umbraco is the best Open Source platform. And because we specialise in the design and development of bespoke solutions, to meet specific business needs, Umbraco enables this because it's Open Source.

But don't just take our word for it.

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Perfion PIM integrates seamlessly with an organisation's existing IT systems and ties all the available data sources together.

Perfion PIM offers native integration into ERP-systems and Umbraco. We are Perfion Business Partners and have experience of integrating websites with PIMs.