Delighted to see that one of bd2’s key clients, Ralawise, has reported yet another exceptional year of growth with a 40% increase in sales leading to turnover topping the £100M mark for the first time with the majority of sales online. Take a look at the Insider Magazine announcement here:

Ralawise are a leading distributor of clothing, apparel and consumable products supplying the garment decoration and promotions industry. We have developed their e-commerce solutions since it first launched a website in 2004 onto their current platform which handles the majority of their sales – the business now describes itself as an online distributor.

We’re very proud of the role we’ve played supporting Ralawise’s transition into an ‘e-business’ and the subsequent commercial success this has driven. As a result, the scale and complexity of the site has developed exponentially. We are constantly adding to it with new functionality and enhancements within an ongoing programme of continuous development handled by a dedicated team of developers, tester and project manager.

Recent additions include the launch of a new and fully bespoke, white label solution which provides their resellers with a fully customisable website, powered by Ralawise, to extend the reach of their sales into hundreds of sites.