The feedback from one of our first Launchpad digital workshops, from a very successful £20M+ turnover Wigan based business, has been very positive with an ‘excellent’ rating of the workshop’s overall quality, the presentation, the presenter and the environment.

The company is far from new to the world of digital as, over the years, they have built considerable knowledge and experience of e-marketing having had several websites developed and undertaken various digital marketing campaigns. The session delved deep into some specific areas of their strategy which is currently focused heavily on driving traffic to their consumer website using Google Adwords, with a very large monthly pay per click spend. However, they have seen a slow but steady decline in its effectiveness of PPC with the ratio of clicks, to enquiries, to sales leads and then to actual conversions falling. When the PPC spend is related to the cost of equipment, materials and the man hours needed to install it, it’s starting to make PPC uneconomical.

We discussed additional and alternative ideas such as a structured social media campaign, to extend what is currently their best marketing method; word of mouth. We considered ways to use social media to harness this and to communicate their service values which are very customer oriented and highly regarded. Ideas such as simple video clips of customers talking about their experience and making genuine recommendations could capture their enthusiasm at the point of delivery to become virtual ‘word of mouth’ testimonials to reach a much wider audience than a one to one conversation.

These clips could be pushed through several channels and link back to a repository within the main site and a dedicated Youtube channel. We suggested these clips could also be edited into a longer video combining product and service  information alongside benefits messages delivered in genuine recommendations. Further on and offline marketing initiatives were also discussed in what was a lively and thought provoking session.

The feedback from the business owner on the session was all positive:

“Excellent morning, very professional. I would certainly recommend it. I am looking at purchasing another company and it will certainly need help – as the deal comes through I will utilise bd2.”