Meet our new Digital Consultant, David. With over 10 years’ experience covering video production, and formally head of media and film at a North West Higher Education College, he certainly knows his stuff! We asked David to tell us about his journey from the classroom to bd2...

My passion has always been in creation, development, to inform and express. Quickly I discovered my platform was video production. Through manipulation of visuals and sound I have the perfect opportunity to express my skills and creativity.

Having qualified from University, I found myself back in the classroom, this time not as a student, but as a lecturer educating future media students across a range of different skills from theory to practical working with both video and digital design. This involved teaching a wide variety of skills namely camera skills, from video editing to Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.  This was a very successful career path and I soon found myself as the head of media and film, working at several outstanding institutions excelling in my chosen field.

However, regardless of successes in education I had the desire to work for a digital agency, to use my skills, creativity and drive, to do more than merely contribute. The desire to change professions was often hampered with the fear of the unknown and walking away from a valuable career.

Life is what you make of it.

I felt the time was now or never, a decision which should have been difficult felt natural once I decided to make the leap into the unknown.

After contacting several different digital agencies, I was ecstatic to hear a prompt reply from bd2 in Wigan, an agency which caught my attention for several different reasons, I loved the backstory, as a fellow Wiganer I was proud of a local business who in under 20 years can boast a wealth of national and international clients.

Even though bd2 wasn’t recruiting at the time, they had a very open-minded attitude, were very approachable, willing to listen to my story and to explore opportunities further. Needless to say, I was very impressed with my initial visit, not only with the agency's body of work but the working environment, friendly yet hardworking ethos which sees many staff incentives, all of which increased my desire to be part of this already successful enterprise.

The world of video production.

The world of video production is all around, whether it be a 10-second short on social media or documenting the successes via a promotional case study, video is an outstanding platform to relay information quickly and effectively. With improved internet speeds/bandwidth, users have the ability to obtain video content across a range of devices presenting a world of opportunity for clients and creators alike.

To my delight even outside of a recruitment window, I was appointed by bd2, where my passion for creativity will be expressed via designing individualised video solutions to meet the requests of all clients. I’m now very excited to bring the world of video production to bd2.


At bd2, we recognise that video plays an increasingly important role in the sites we design and develop, so made the strategic decision to bring production in-house. We have invested in our own lighting and cameras, with the latest 4k kit, so that we can control quality and provide a much more responsive and cost-effective service for our clients.

We’re delighted to welcome David to the team, and he’s certainly hit the ground running having already completed a local theatre production promotional video, client testimonial filming, and is filming in Glasgow next week.