Regardless of, or despite, or perhaps even because of, the blood, sweat, tears and stress (mainly stress) involved when delivering a project on a Sunday due to a very tight deadline, there’s an enormous sense of satisfaction when you’re driving back in the van having pulled it off. So that sense of satisfaction, and to be fair a considerable sense of relief, was the overriding emotion coming down the A1(M) last night following the installation of a 28 Metre long display in Cobalt 21, one of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s offices in Newcastle.

The large format graphic wall forms the key part of a project to present the concept for a new Digital Transformation Centre for HPE, which we were asked to design and deliver earlier in December. The wall conveys the rationale for the Centre leading onto visuals of the new concept itself. We carried out the space planning design and developed a series of layouts, CAD renders and mood boards to illustrate what will be a dynamic environment incorporating collaborative workspaces, coffee shops, breakout areas and ‘Envision’ pods.

We also created an electronic presentation of the concept and a case bound book in just a few weeks -a few weeks which spanned the Christmas break just to make things that bit more challenging! It’s fair to say there was some nervousness as we tracked the delivery of the consignment of large format graphics as they made their way via DHL from Italy through freight, various hubs and trucks arriving just in time for install on Sunday so that everything’s ready for the presentations which take place over the next couple of days.

It seems somehow in keeping with the pace of the project that initial feedback from the Director has been rapid and succinct:

“Looks absolutely top quality. Wow. Love it. Wow.”