We’re about to start the countdown to the opening of the Launchpad, our new workspace for discovery, innovation and collaboration.

We recognise that many digital projects require diverse teams with specialist skills and knowledge that organisations may only have part, or even none of, in-house. Working collaboratively with client teams, partners and other agencies, has been an oft discussed theory for a long time in the industry but has now become a widely adopted practice. We’re keen advocates of collaborative working and have a long and very commercially successful track record of working in partnership with technology businesses going back nearly 20 years where integration with various back-office solutions has been needed.

This way of working has been increasingly adopted by our clients also. For example, we’re currently working with a French owned, global software business purely on User Interface/User Experience design for a new software application. We’ve worked closely with their product development team, business analysts, project managers, researchers and developers in the delivery of a series of workshops. Collectively, we scoped out the product canvas, then bd2’s design team developed the initial user interface designs which went to their board in Paris for approval and feedback. We have been through a series of iterations to finalise the UI designs before handing over to their in-house development team to build a prototype.

Similarly, we’re working with a Wigan based logistics company to help them devise a strategy around a new software product which they are developing in-house. We’ve carried out a series of workshops with their owner and project team to build a product canvas and then determine what constitutes the MVP [Minimum Viable Product] in order that they can bring the product to market as quickly as possible and then to add features. This work has led to further workshops to develop the brand strategy of the the business and for the new online product.

Accepted best practice within the industry, as adopted by exemplars like IBM Interactive Experience, naturally encompasses ‘people and process’, but increasingly ‘place’ is recognised as a vital element too. For nearly 20 years, bd2 has been building a highly experienced team across all digital, design and marketing specialisms. We’re also continuously refining our own structured processes most recently to incorporate latest Agile methodologies. And now we’re about to open the Launchpad, a creative environment located within our design studios, in which we invite clients and partners to work directly with our in-house team of designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, marketers, project managers and consultants involving their skills and knowledge as appropriate to the project needs.

As well as working with our clients, to help them get their ideas and projects off the ground, we will be using the Launchpad to deliver a series of free introductory digital workshops for local businesses to help them consider the implications and potential of digital and how they might best exploit them. Information on how to book will be available soon, but if you’d like to find out more, please contact stuart@bd2.co.uk