Sherrington's (part 2)


Looking back I realise it's been a few months since I first blogged about Sherrington's, which may look like it's all gone quiet - far from it! It's been a hive of activity with a new terrace built on the front, extension on the back for the beer cellar and a whole load of structural and refurbishment work inside. And, it's really starting to take shape now that some of the finishes - tiles, lighting, bar and decorations - are going in.

There's been a lot of hard work from everyone involved, I've even dusted off my brushes and have been painting some retro look signs myself which feels a bit like being back at Art School but equally has been an enjoyable blast from the past. The combination of the hands-on work - from the architect's plans and interior schemes to project management and hands-on painting - plus being your own client, has been stressful at times but the effort feels like it's starting to pay off when you can see something that's starting to looklike the finished article.

Being your own client really does feel like you're putting your money where your mouth is. Designing the brand and the interiors, then applying the concepts is a great feeling as there's no client interference - no offence! Obviously we're usually constrained by a client's brand, approach and inevitably by their own tastes, some of which is subjective so, whilst we always give our best advice, it's refreshing not having to compromise on design decisions.

A Bar Manager and Assistant Manager have been recruited, and they're busy recruiting bar staff so that we can start some soft openings beginning the 10th of September with the opening planned for the 14th.



Will Bentley