Visiting Senator’s Allermuir showroom on Fifth Avenue, just down from the iconic Flatiron building in New York, was a great opportunity to gather some user feedback from showroom manager Damian Henriquez on the Allermuir US site launched last year, and to discuss ongoing requirements.

It was also fascinating to see how Allermuir and Senator brands are promoted in the States within a showroom which had a more retail feel than head office showrooms in Accrington or the London Showroom just next to Euston Station, although this is currently relocating entirely to Clerkenwell following the Government’s decision to build the new HS2 station on the Showroom site.

As well as the new Allermuir US website, we’ve also developed an online store which will see Senator’s first foray into e-commerce only for the American market. This is nearing completion and is being integrated with a new Senator Group website which incorporates a bespoke Content Management System based on Umbraco. The CMS houses a single product record but these are displayed within multiple sites in their own specifically branded and unique user interfaces. The system therefore allows Senator to maintain products once but display many times rather than separate sites. The solution has significant benefits in terms of consistency, editing and admin time.